Aztek company logo. there is the letter A in blue with the word AZTEK written underneath

Solutions designer & privative payment systems manufacturer

  • 1995: Creation of Aztek

    Aztek is a company that develops access management, auditing and electronic payment concepts. Specialized in private payment systems, Aztek is present in fields such as vending, access management, car washes, etc.

  • 1998 - 2008: Launch of Pico-Puce & Modulo products

    Aztek's first products.

  • 2011: Launch of the Luxéo range

    Aztek's flagship product, the Luxéo is now available in a Light version, or with an InDA electronic board, to best meet customer needs.

  • 2018: Payzily mobile app launched

    The Payzily electronic payment app allows you to deport your physical support to your phone.

  • 2021: Redesign of the Payzily mobile application

    Redesign of the mobile application to improve its design and make it a contemporary application.

  • 2023: Launch of InDA Online

    Aztek's latest product, the InDA Online connects to our servers to provide even more features.