A white electronic payement terminal with a full-size screen and 3 bank cards (one pink, one green and one light green) on it.

Our know-how combined with banking terminals

Ease of integration

A green laptop with a window overlapping the screen and two gears visible half above and half to the left of the window. A curved arrow points from the computer to a white electronic payement terminal with a white screen all over it.

Our applications and banking payment combined in your terminal

Thanks to our experience, we are able to integrate our cashless solutions into your banking reader. So you can enjoy all the benefits of privative payment in addition to public payment.

Numerous advantages

Without Aztek applicationWithout Aztek application
Preferential rates :
Preferential rates
Payment via physical medium :
Payment via physical medium
Payzily :
Payment via Payzily Mobile :
Payment via Payzily Mobile
Payment via Payzily Uuid :
Payment via Payzily Uuid
Recharge online by credit card :
Recharge online by credit card
Messaging :
Highlighting commercial actions :
Highlighting commercial actions

Preferential rates

In Europe, it is forbidden to charge different rates for cash and credit cards.

With cashless, you can set a different rate for your employees, while retaining a basic rate for outside customers.

Get Payzily Uuid on your terminal

All bank readers require an internet connection. Easily integrate our Payzily UUID solution to accept payments via a physical medium, while enjoying the benefits of our mobile application and keeping in touch with your users.


Do you want to become a reseller?

We are looking for partners wishing to invest sustainably to promote our products and thus participate in the development of our solutions in order to adapt to different markets.


Would you like to purchase our products?

Do you have vending machines and want to accept payments via physical media or by smartphone?


Do you want a feasibility study?

Do you have access control media and want to know if the Aztek wallet is compatible?