Two rectangular white cards levitating above a blue base

The connected reader that increases your turnover

InDA Online

Save time and reduce travel costs

Windows showing various statistical graphs are displayed on top of a computer screen and cell phone

All this without any physical presence!

The InDA Online allows you to view movements in real time. As a result, you'll be able to anticipate more quickly the actions to be taken based on the sales or refills reported.

Configure your reader to send its audit periodically so that it can be viewed on Vend'éo Online.

Don't waste time sending a technician to your site to reprogram your readers. Send the settings remotely via the Vend'éo Online software. The reader will update automatically.

If you suspect fraud, you can easily and quickly block any payment media.

In order to take advantage of our latest features, the InDA Online reader is being upgraded. It is now possible to remotely update the reader to the latest version of our products.

All our systems are secure, allowing you to protect and guarantee the reliability of your transactions and reduce the risk of fraud.

Build customer loyalty

A comprehensive loyalty system enables you to increase the average shopping basket of your users

Adaptive programming

Our Vend'éo software allows you to configure our readers to meet your customers' needs as closely as possible

Remote management

Program your machines remotely to save time and optimise your travels

Mobile payment

All our readers are compatible with the Payzily mobile payment

High compatibility

Whatever your machine, InDA Online is easy to install thanks to its support of EXE, MDB and electromechanical protocols

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And much more…

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Up to 100 price lines

5 preferential rates per line

Last events history

Deposit management

Up to 20 social credit categories

Area of use, portfolio groups

Other benefits common to all our ranges

Free credits and loyalty programs

Birthday date management

3 recharge bonuses

Communication by color LEDs and buzzer

IrDa (infrared)



Audits and configurations via USB

A wide range of ways to consume

Offline payment media

Payment by physical medium Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, DESFire, HID or LEGIC


Add an Aztek Bluetooth module to accept payments via our Payzily mobile application


Our online payment solution connected to your physical payment media


The InDA Online can also interface with your coin acceptor or coin changer and/or banknote reader to accept cash for purchases or top-ups

Connect your reader

Black case with a black connector in the foreground, an Inda Online behind and a plug icon with a green check.

Add the dedicated Bluetooth USB module to your Aztek cashless device to take advantage of all Payzily's features.

A white vending machine with eight empty spirals and a keyboard on the right-hand side. There's a Bluetooth icon with waves pointing to the right.

The vending machine is not connected to the Internet and communicates via the cashless system.

Telephone with the Payzily home page in the background. There are also wifi waves coming out of the phone to the right.

Data transmissions via the mobile phone to the vending machine and to the Web Service are secure.

White cloud linked to three packs of yellow, pink and green rectangles

Our Web Service enables every transaction to be validated securely and reliably.

Compatibility with all vending dispensers

Reader head with display

The Aztek media reader is rectangular in shape and gray in color. It has two small feet at the bottom to support the cards, and a blue screen at the top.

The Luxeo head is fitted with a display to visualize the main information and can read all your physical payment media.

XS reader head

Reader head with two small feet at the bottom to support the cards. It also features LEDs on its upper part.

A compact read head with LEDs to reduce the space required on your machines while still allowing you to read all your payment media. Can be installed vertically or horizontally.

No reader head

Phone with the Payzily home screen in the background. There's also a yellow validation symbol and an outgoing Bluetooth connection from the phone.

Compatible only with Payzily mobile payment, this solution makes it possible to add a means of payment to vending machines that have no space for a physical card reader.

InDA Online
Dimension134 × 95 × 27.7 mm
Consumption61 mA under 30 VCC
Supply voltage12 to 24 VAC
Weight140 g
Luxéo headXS headNo head
Dimension :

76 × 101 × 29 mm

77 × 50 × 28 mm


Consumption :

61 mA under 30 VCC

50 mA under 30 VCC


Supply voltage :
Supply voltage

13 to 24 VCC

12 to 34 VCC


Weight :

210 g

125 g


Materials :




Operating temperature :
Operating temperature

1 to 50 °C

0 to 50 °C


Display :

12 × 12 blue LCD backlit LCD, 3 communication LEDs

3 communication LEDs


Technology :

Contactless: 13.56 MHZ

Contactless: 13.56 MHZ


Payment by physical medium :
Payment by physical medium
Payment with Payzily Mobile :
Payment with Payzily Mobile


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