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Online payment with physical media

Payzily UUID

Connect your machine

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Users put their media in front of the reader and benefit from all the advantages of our connected payment system.

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The vending dispenser is connected to the Internet via the cashless system (LAN, Wifi or GSM connection required).

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Our Web Service enables every transaction to be validated securely and reliably.

Different operating modes

Anonymous media

Only the UUID can be used to identify the user via a recovery code displayed on the reader. In the event of loss, the UUID or recovery code is required to recover the media.

Anonymous media

Link your users' Payzily accounts to their physical media to enjoy all the benefits of Payzily mobile.

Take full advantage of the Payzily application and add the Aztek Bluetooth module to the cashless reader to enable your customers to pay by smartphone on the same wallet.

Anonymous mediaAnonymous media
Exchange security :
Exchange security
Payment by physical medium :
Payment by physical medium
Payment with Payzily Mobile :
Payment with Payzily Mobile
Recharge online by credit card :
Recharge online by credit card
Messaging :
Highlighting commercial actions :
Highlighting commercial actions
View history :
View history
E-mail recovery :
E-mail recovery

Linking physical media

There are 2 ways to link the media:

  • Via the enrolment software: Enter the user's surname, first name and ID.
  • Via the mobile application: The user enters the recovery code for his physical media, then puts it in front of a reader on the site to validate the link.

A multitude of benefits

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Take advantage of all the latest technological advances

Our application helps to simplify the consumer's buying journey, so you can improve the profitability of your machines. Rest assured that every piece of information is visible and understandable to the user.

Your customers can personalize their favorite machines to identify them at a glance, report a problem via our interactive messaging system, and be notified of your promotional offers.

All Luxéo cashless features are also compatible with Payzily, allowing you to take advantage of all our loyalty and free credit options.


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